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We offer parts and professional services for your Legends or Thunder Roadster as well as Yamaha FJ1100 and FJ1200 motorcycles at exceptional prices. We are also the exclusive distributer of many one-of-a-kind and custom parts to help make your racing and riding experience the best it can be.


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FJ11-12/XJ12/XJR13 S/S Screw & O-Ring Carburetor Kit

Price: $25.00
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New Mikuni BS36 Carburetor Assembly

Price: $799.00
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Price: $140.00
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RPM S/S Exhaust System

Price: $999.00
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RPM Spin On Oil Filter Adapter

Price: $62.00
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RPM T-Shirt

Price: $19.99
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Slave Cylinder

List Price: $222.99
Price: $125.00
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Latest News

  • Congratulations to Chris Wyatt.

    His attempt to reach 200 MPH with his 84 FJ1100 were almost realized. 

    He was able to complete a pass at the 2016 Colorado Mile reaching 198.2 MPH.

    The was accomplished with a RPM prepared engine and EFI system

    Click hear for the full story:

  • RPM suspension components continue to set the new standard for the Yamaha FJ1100/1200. These patented components offer the best of both worlds in shock/fork performance. The patented bypass valve allows for what has been decribed as "a magic carpet ride" when absorbing the bumps and the "most stable my bike has ever felt" when diving off into the corner. Look for RPM shocks and fork valves in the featured items section.

    There was a recent ride of a RPM suspension fitted motorcycle by a fully outfitting USD & Penske FJ owner. The response to that ride was...
    "That is the smoothest FJ I have ever ridden"

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